In the context of supporting integrated projects and measures, we support the work of the dancing school Step2diz. Its founder and director Aloun Phetnoi-Ferzandi grew up with little money and little perspective in Munich’s district Hasenbergl. His life took a decisive turn through hip-hop. At the age of 11, he came into contact with dance styles such as hip-hop and breakdance for the first time and was quickly hooked, although he initially thought he was rather untalented.

Today, he teaches children and teenagers in his two Munich dancing studios – and shares the role that hip-hop has played for him. Together with his team he gives hip-hop, breakdance and afro-dance lessons, while using the opportunity to teach children and young people important values and point out perspectives through sports.

"Dancing was our only chance to do something that gave us a perspective and didn’t cost any money."

Aloun Phetnoi-Ferzandi, step2diz