The world needs lynxes. Lottoland brings the majestic velvet paw to Germany.

The lynx is one of the most beautiful native species – and unfortunately also one of the rarest. After the lynx had almost disappeared from German forests, around 150 lynx now live in Germany to this day. But the future of this majestic big cat is not yet secure.

Because lynxes live dangerously in Germany. On their migrations, they often cross motorways and are run over. And they are hunted illegally or poisoned. Yet fear of the lynx is completely unjustified, because grazing animals are only exceptionally among their prey. Rather, our forests need the lynx, as lynx provide for the healthy balance of living creatures in the forest.

Together with the Naturschutzbund (NABU), we can ensure the survival of the lynx in German forests. Thanks to our donation, among other things, more wildlife cameras can be used to observe the animals. In addition, green bridges can be built to enable the lynx to cross roads and motorways safely.

Our commitment is particularly concrete in the Thuringian Forest. Here, for the first time in decades, a lone male lynx named Aslan is roaming the forest. He is still all alone and looking for a lynx cat. Because Aslan should soon no longer be alone and the first lynx cubs are soon to arrive in the Thuringian Forest, this project is particularly close to our hearts. Lynx should not be a luxury in Germany.

With our donation we make a big difference:

More wildlife cameras in German forests

More green bridges to secure roads

More lynxes in the Thuringian Forest